COMPANY shortens the road to the GOAL

The software industry has grown rapidly in the 21st Century. With the innovation and development happening every day, the curiosity of the new generation towards this sector is also increasing. There are mainly two types of companies running in India.

Product Based Companies

Service-Based Companies

Choosing the right company is a first job where your entire career will depend on the skills you learn and the abilities you have. Everyone wants to be in a company that helps in improving their skills and provides you a better learning environment. Before choosing your dream company, almost every student comes across the question that should I choose a Product Based Company or a Service-Based Company? Also, What exactly do Product Based Companies and Service-Based Companies mean and how to get into these?

A Product-based company is a company that deals with tangible product and the products that might or might not be related to software. However, they do need the IT department to make that product more sellable.
Some popular Product Based Companies are: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Dell,Alphabet, Hp, Intel, Paypal, Adobe, Salesforce.
Example- Apple provides the cell phones iPad iPod MacBook, etc.
Microsoft provides Microsoft office Windows version Gaming app, etc.
Google provides Gmail Google Drive Google map, etc.

A Service-based company is a company that deals with the intangible product. It gives software solutions to other companies and they mostly use the product made by product-based companies.
Some popular Service Based Companies are: McKinsey, Infosys, Accenture, TCS, IBM, DXC, NTT DATA, Cognizant, AT Kearny, Wipro, Capgemini.
Example- Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Cognizant Infosys etc. (Use Oracle software made by Oracle company)

It's better to do research on a company before you join as you do for selecting colleges.